Megan, 18 Plant powered illustrator and surface pattern designer.
Q: ur perfect I want to meet u :(

i’m not perfect, but thank you (: and if you’re ever in Minnesota maybe you can! haha

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Q: I can't believe you are a real person. You must be a mermaid, or a fairy, or something far too magical for this earth. You inspire me.

oh thank you! there is something magical in everyone but thank you this is so kind. sending you much love and spirit flowers (:

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Hi everyone! 

I haven’t been posting a lot of art lately because I have been going through some major changes in my life and in my art. If you want to keep up with things I have been making go follow my instagram @megan0miller. I’m trying to express myself fully through art and paper has been limiting to me lately. I’m trying to create spring out of everything and anything. So if you love flowers and the natural world you might like some of the stuff i have been making.

much love,


You’re all beautiful flowers. Stay wild.

Q: Hi. I love your blog. Could you maybe check out my blog ? Thanks. Have a nice day.

yeah no problem. thank you! (:

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Q: i'm in love with your tumblr and art ♥♥♥

!!! thank you. all of these messages are making me so happy. I will try to post some more art soon (:

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Q: Your style is so rad I love it

ah thank you! :)

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Q: would you draw a tattoo for someone if they asked?

yeah! I am doing some for a couple of my friends right now. I just don’t want to make any commitments until I finish those ones first because i am really busy and in need of new art supplies. But if it is something simple I could probably work something out with you if you message me off anon! (:

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